Etiquette Tips For Covering Your First NASCAR Cup Series Race As A Reporter

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If you're a journalist and a fan of stock car racing, there's no better job to strive for than covering NASCAR's Cup series as a reporter. Whether you're working for a newspaper, a magazine or, most likely, a website, you'll have the opportunity to attend NASCAR races as a credentialed media member and report on the races, the drivers, and other events as you see fit. In addition to doing a good job with your work, you also want to ensure that you follow the rules about covering a race as a credentialed member of the media. Here are some etiquette tips that you should know and follow for your first appearance on NASCAR Cup Series news.

No Photos/Autographs

Being a credentialed media member will allow you to have access to drivers, crew chiefs, owners, and other NASCAR personnel. This will undoubtedly be exciting for you, especially if you've been following the sport for a long time. Your first instinct might be to ask for an autograph or two, or you may be inclined to see if someone you're interviewing will pose for a selfie with you at the conclusion of your conversation. Both ideas are etiquette no-nos and may result in the revocation of your media credential by the sport's PR department.

Watch For Signage

Even though you have access to the drivers and teams as a credentialed media member, this doesn't give you free rein to report on everything that you see. In some areas around the team garages at each racetrack, you'll see signs that request that you don't take photos, videos, or use any recording devices. These areas in which the drivers and other personnel, despite their public nature, have a reasonable expectation of privacy. It's important to always watch for and heed these signs.

Know Where You Can Go

Although credentialed media members are permitted to access most of the areas at racetracks, provided that they wear their media credentials in plain sight, there will be areas at each track that you cannot access. For example, you might not be able to enter the infield care center, which is where drivers go upon being injured in a wreck. Make sure that you're aware of which areas are off-limits for you. Generally, you'll see other media members near these areas but getting too close. By keeping these tips in mind, as well as checking with NASCAR's PR staff or your fellow reporters, you'll be able to do your job without causing any issues.


13 October 2018

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